Meeting People.

I haven’t wrote a blog like this in a while. I’ve been going through a creative wave and writing poetry instead!

I’ve found lately that I’ve reached a whole new level of introspection, with my views and perspectives rapidly changing with each day. I found that a few years ago, when I met people I had a tendency to be judgemental- ‘why is this person like that?, why do they do that?’ and so on.

Recently, I have started looking at the people  I meet as a lesson to learn. Each person you meet in life will have both good and bad qualities- as with anyone. I find now that I look to learn from every person I meet to improve myself. If I see a quality in someone else that I am guilty of- for example, being too strong headed to the point that it’s bad for me. I will reflect on it and try and change that. Sometimes, all it takes is seeing a similar quality in another person and realising that it may not be the best way to behave.

That being said, I appreciate the good too! I just find that recently I have been trying to improve myself to be better for myself and those around me. This way of viewing people and thinking has really helped me, and challenged me to change up my perspective where possible.


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