When life comes full circle.

This one might be a bit of a cheesy one guys…

Just saying.

Lactose intolerants and people with dairy allergies BEWARE!

*I don’t know why I say things like this, haha*

Anyway! Let’s do this thang:

So, life is often filled with many ups and downs. It can sometimes feel like the ups never last as long as we’d like, and the downs drag on forever with no sign of an ending. When I look at my life over the past few years, there are things I often regret, and things I appreciate. Which to say the least, I think is fairly normal- right?

I call this the roller coaster of life!

When focusing on things in particular- I think of my time during university. For me, that experience was probably one of the worst things I have had to endure. I plan on writing a post about this next week so stay tuned! But, without giving too much away, I experienced bullying from not just my peers, but also the lecturers. This entailed a sheer amount of ignorance, and I would go as far to say, hate. Due to this, the environment became quite toxic for me in the sense that I lost my bubbliness as well as a part of my identity. I was quite confident prior to university, but the whole experience put my gears in reverse- I became withdrawn, and avoided any social contact that wasn’t really necessary. It is SHOCKING, to see what effect other people can have on your sense of self, and your identity.

Throughout the three years of my degree, I would often ask myself WHY is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment? When times are tough I think it’s quite easy to either blame yourself, pity yourself or both. I found myself doing just that. I was hung up on the ‘whys’ of my situation, that I didn’t really realise the experience made me stronger as a person.


Now, the second thing that I chose to reflect on was this time last year, I was in hospital being treated for Sepsis. I was being carted around in a wheelchair whilst having all these scary tests done! After I was discharged, I could barely walk up stairs without needing help or getting out of breath. In terms of eating, I could only stomach a few spoons of soup. Again, during that time, I found myself moping- Why is this happening to me?! I would tell myself there isn’t really a point in living because life is so fleeting. Whilst Sepsis has given me a long term stomach problem, I have also made leaps and bounds since then! I can eat bigger portions, I walked for hours yesterday (26,000 steps!) which this time last year I couldn’t even dream of doing!

How do things come full circle?

I had been job hunting for something more suited to my degree (Marketing) and it was proving impossible to get into! I started this blog after I learnt more about digital marketing from an online course I was doing. Five months later, I found myself in an interview for a role I was most definitely under qualified for. During that interview I was asked about the following:

  1. What is my definition of equality and diversity?
  2. What evidence do I have of copywriting?

The interview itself had more questions, but I found it made me think about these experiences with a new perspective. My experience during university taught me the value of respecting other people and how it’s missed when you’re not treated the same way. If I didn’t have Sepsis, I probably wouldn’t have started a blog! My blog also doubled as proof of my copy writing skills. I walked out of that interview pretty confident the job was NOT mine. But, half an hour later, I was told I had been successful! After accepting, I realised that the ‘whys’ I had been asking are eventually answered by life.

Our experiences shape us and I’m happy that everything I have experienced so far has come full circle. So far, I’m really excited to start a new chapter of life!




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