The Touchstone.

You. A touchstone to my soul, Hidden amongst the good, the bad, and the desire to be whole, Fighting with the wisps of yesterday and the unknown, I return to you- my touchstone.


A Bid Goodbye

Where did the love go? It bid goodbye to both our hearts, It flew away, sneaking through the cracks of our depths, Trickling away day by day, Bleeding us both dry, We both did try but love is fleeting and unkind, Leaving shadows of what could have been within our minds.

The Digital Age.

Peering at each other through pieces of broken glass, Twisting words to appeal to the masses, Who cares who you are? Life, a masquerade Superficial beauty wrapped in the guise of humanity, Optimism painted on a screen, but real life? Hostility. Will you stop and smell the roses? Or ignore your surroundings, for the masses … Continue reading The Digital Age.

‘Tell Me Where The Brown Girl Lives?’

If someone had told me when I was in college that I would be referred to as ‘brown girl’ I would have laughed and said not a chance in hell. The sad reality though, was that had now become my name. I didn’t really know what to make of it at the time, I just … Continue reading ‘Tell Me Where The Brown Girl Lives?’